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Privacy Policy

Calypso Privacy Policy (v. 2017)

At Calypso Theme Waterpark we respect your privacy. Read our Privacy Policy below to find out more about when & how we collect, use and protect information provided to Calypso. 


Calypso does not track online visits nor collect information from online visitors unless they are purchasing or reserving a Calypso service or product. 



Calypso’s use of social media serves as an extension of our presence on the web. Social media accounts are public and are not hosted on our servers. Users who choose to interact with us via social media should read the terms or service and privacy policies of these third-party service providers and those of any applications you use to access them. Calypso uses Facebook® Twitter® YouTube®, Vimeo® & Snapchat® 



All online purchases are secured by our partnership with TicketOps. No client data collected during the online purchase or reservation transaction is stored within Calypso’s IT system. 



To enhance and maintain and high level of security and information integrity, Calypso is partnered with TicketOps to process all of our online purchases using the latest in credit card security technology. TicketOps is used to complete a transaction only. It is not saved nor stored. 

Calypso does not retain ANY client information and therefore cannot share information with any third party. Information provided is not accessible from the outside and does not reside in the cloud. 


Several of our seasonal options will require verifying information be provided once you visit the park. Effective in 2016, security and protection from fraud was enhanced to include scanning a fingerprint to link to the barcode on your pass. This way no one else is able to take advantage of your pass. 

The pass is a small plastic card similar to a drivers licence. It contains the guest’s name, photo and bar code. The bar code matches a scan of the guest’s fingerprint and is used to verify the holder of the card is the actual season pass owner. 

Calypso chose this system specifically because it does not collect a full fingerprint. Rather it converts the scan to a mathematical formula that matches the bar code on the face of the pass. The scan of the guest’s finger is stored as a mathematical formula and not an actual finger print. 

The prints are collected using our scanners Futronic FS88, they are linked in our system to the barcode on the pass, making pass-sharing impossible. 

The actual picture of the fingerprint is not kept on file. It is saved as an algorithm in a data-format string of numbers. A client’s name cannot be used to find his/her fingerprint. Calypso does not retain ANY prints and therefore cannot share information with any third party. 

By scanning the finger when a client enters the park, the system verifies that the formula matches the barcode and a ‘GOOD’ signal pops up on the gate screen. 

Season Pass information is stored internally and there is nothing stored to the cloud. There is literally no access to the database from the outside. 

The system was developed by information technology company SIRIUSWARE, a worldwide leader in digital access and security systems. Calypso has adopted a top of the line security system in accordance with industry standards.  

Scanned data is stored locally with no access to the cloud and because it is seasonal, is destroyed at the end of each season. 

The purchase of a season pass is entirely optional. If clients are not interested in purchasing season passes, they can consider our daily passes or group purchases which do not require identification verification because of their one-day lifespan. 



Video surveillance is used throughout the park to support security and reduce the potential for crime. Location and target of recorded footage is random. Captured files are retained locally and are not in the cloud. Files are retrievable using specific date, time and location only. 



You can upload money and access it using your fingerprint throughout the park. Our fingertip scanner records prints, but is not linked to a name, database or any other information. All transactions are retraced with the upload receipt only. The scans are contained in a secure database file until the client has used all of the funds or a refund has been given for the remaining balance. Information provided is not accessible from the outside and does not reside in the cloud. 


Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints you may have regarding the administration of Calypso privacy policies may be directed to: 

2015 Calypso Street

Limoges, ON

K0A 2M0