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We will reopen in June 2018 with a new family attraction!


boomerang effect

Bring a friend to hold your hand on this one because you will SCREEEAAAAMMMM your lungs out!

Your heart will skip a beat as you accelerate down Zoomerang's steep chute, only to be propelled up the opposite wall, straight to the sky! The feeling of weightlessness overcomes you as you suddenly realize gravity is calling you back. Hasta la vista, baby!

Safety rules: 3 years old and older. 42" (1.07m) tall and over. Under 48'' (1.22m) tall with PFD and adult. Maximum 400 pounds (182 kg) per inner tube. Glasses with straps permitted. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, back or neck problems or claustrophobia.

2 personsRide-o-mètre